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Management Software

Administration SoftwareSystems

Is your administration system not efficient? Need a quick and economical system to run your business?

Idoo Group will help you manage, monitor, control and plan your business or company. We develop different forms of administration either via web or with advanced Desktop Application ( Software ) that will provide better utilization of time and resources. We have experience in USABILITY which is very important for your software or system to be more effective and accurate.

Via Web Systems

This is an administration system hosted in robust and secure intertnet servers which keep your business information without having it stored in your business, but you can save all the necessary information in the databases and much more. It does not depend on a installation system or a specific software.
These systems, as all of our products are developed with the latest technology in Programming , Design and Security and we always current with the best software so we can provide better product and service to our customers
This system is very efficient , since from anywhere you are with an Internet connection you can manage with all the requirements and accessibility allowed. This would be a is very solid tool and with very good control, ideal for companies or businesses that want to keep their information away from their local computers and also can work away from the office with all matters relating to the administration, reports, quotes, etc.

Desktop Aplication ( Software )

This is an application where the databases are usually stored on local servers (can also be hosted on web servers) where all the information of your business is stored . They are very fast, efficient and independent because they depend on an internet connection to perform their functions, storage, capture, etc.. They can be installed on different computers with the installation system and specific software.

The Application is developed in languages such as Java, C #, C + +, Python, Perl, Oracle, SQL and more. Which are at the forefront of the most used languages and more robust software development.

Application for Mobile Devices

This application has many advantages for your company or business. For it is developed with a optimization system to optimize your time, it’s developed in the most used and current and robust technology platforms , example: iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, etc.. You can manage everything about your company or business by an application from your phone without having to be physically present at the facility. You can invoice, quote, manage, report, among many other features you may want for your business.

Your time will be super optimal it will only depend on a Smartphone with internet and very easily installed application . This form of administration is the latest technology in present time. Idoo Group is sure that it will greatly help your business.
Manage, monitor and plan your business with the latest in technology innovation. No obligation Quote with us , Idoo Groupw is at your service.

Manage, monitor and plan your business with the latest in technology innovation.
No obligation Quote with us, Idoo Groupw is at your service.