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F8 Event – Facebook Developer Conference 2015

Today, March 25, 2015 at 9:30 am Pacific Time (GMT-8), the F8 event or better known as Facebook Developer Conference began at the place called Fort Mason; a former military base in San Francisco California (USA). More than 2,500 people attended the event, including developers, designers, technology lovers, etc. This conference was attended by Mark Zuckerberg CEO and CEO of the social network, David Marcus in charge of Facebook Messenger, Mike Krieger Co-founder of Instagram, Brian Acton Co-Founder of WhatsApp, who addressed various topics, including opening of Facebook Messenger to e-commerce, the challenges their projects faced, as well as advice issued to developers and entrepreneurs for/with their projects.

The creator of the world’s most famous social network updated us on the vision and direction his company has taken in recent years and the importance of Facebook’s developers and collaborators in achieving these proposed goals. He referred to them with the phrase “Facebook used to be an app; now we are a family.” He also added that “90% of the Android and iOS applications published in their respective stores are connected with Facebook” and thanked the mobile application developers for this. The leader of Facebook also commented that as long as users feel comfortable with security and privacy, they are capable of opening their minds and starting to experience new things. He also addressed the topic of the applications that are part of Facebook, referring to the number of active users in each one. For example: 1.4 billion active users on Facebook, 700 million on WhatsApp (acquired for 19 billion dollars), 600 million on Facebook Messenger, and 300 million on Instagram (acquired for 1.7 billion dollars).

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Zuckerberg believes that videos are a very important tool when it comes to showing information, it is the way to know something without even being in that place, he refers to this with the idea that virtual reality is not just for video games, although application developers use it very often, he sees that audiovisual content is like a way to visit places, arguing that very soon Facebook videos will be able to be inserted into any page and I do not doubt that they will also contain advertising later.

David Marcus, head of messaging, in his speech addressed the issue related to the connection that will be made between businesses and Facebook Messenger, which will contain a new button where the business can send notifications to the users they wish, regarding information related to their purchases, shipments, delivery status, etc., all of this directly although a little more intrusive, with the main idea of ​​improving the communication that exists between stores and consumers.

The successful social network always surprises us with new things, because during the event the launch of This Day was carried out, a Facebook application, with which you can go to a specific event that has happened and collect all the information regarding that day , photos, videos, comments, etc., improving with this new functionality the events bar that currently appears on the right side – above. Very few are having access to this App, but little by little Facebook will give access to all its users.

This was all friends, receive a big greeting.

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