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idooGROUP – Supporting children from the Educational Farm in the Camino Verde neighborhood with computers

Yesterday, we were invited to a very emotional event organized and held by the Rotary Club of Tijuana Aguacaliente at the Farm and Educational Center in the Camino Verde neighborhood. This place prepares underprivileged children from the entire locality for their elementary, middle, and high school graduation. Not only do they study academic subjects, but they also study art, and in a very particular case, music. We were able to enjoy an excellent performance of some classical works, such as a “Funeral March” expressing their discontent with the way their representatives govern, followed by a “Triumphal March” where they expressed the feeling they want for their Mexico. This way, we could conclude that there is a great desire to learn in Mexico, especially among these children. An immense number of children need support, but the resources do not exist, or the responsible agencies do not pay attention to them.

It is incredible that this locality, with more than 40,000 inhabitants, does not have an elementary or middle school. However, this lack of educational support has not diminished these people’s desire to move forward and have a prosperous future for themselves and their families. Therefore, they have sought funds, assistance, donations, and government support, including some from the Rotary Club of Tijuana Aguacaliente. They have managed to build this small facility where dozens of children receive education and school preparation to have a better future and not get lost in that abyss of need that most of the time pushes them to become antisocial citizens or criminals.

idooGROUP will donate the first 5 computers for the creation of their first computer classroom, which is currently empty due to a lack of sufficient resources and support from relevant organizations. This initiative aims to provide a place where these children can learn, study, and conduct research, as well as delve into a rapidly growing world in fields such as technology, computer science, medicine, mobile application development, web development, startups, among many other examples advancing in the technology and information industry.

We are very pleased to contribute our small part to this great effort being carried out by the teachers and the people in charge of the Farm in the Villa Verde locality. We extend our most sincere respect and recognition for their work, with the primary and sole objective of encouraging them to continue with that energy and enthusiasm in the pursuit of creating a better-prepared and educated society. This effort aims to bring the future of Mexico closer to art, technology, and education, and not to misinformation and crime.


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