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Development of mobile applications for Android in Tijuana, Mexico

Studies indicate that the development of applications for Android is highly accepted among developers and users because, apart from its more accessible devices, Android is a robust operating system and is among the best and most used, with significant advantages such as its vast array of cloud apps approaching 700,000 applications on Google Play.

It’s also mentioned that Android app development is growing rapidly as the Android Operating System can be installed on virtually any type of device, whether mobile, laptops, or even microwaves, ensuring it’s always present in the most powerful terminals on the market, which is an important consideration for manufacturers and operators, signifying that app development is considerably increasing.

Regardless of the device’s potential, range, or features, the Android operating system can perfectly adapt to all kinds of needs and is widely modifiable. Just like the development of iOS video games, the development of Android video games has immense potential due to its exponential growth in recent months.

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idooGROUP has a very professional team expert in developing applications and video games for Android; iOS/iPhone; Windows Mobile; and we are continually updating our team with recent technologies. We assure high-quality design and development; we are committed to our clients in the indicated completion times as well as making their costs more economical.

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