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Mobile application development for iPhone – iPad in Tijuana, Mexico

Nowadays, the development of mobile applications for iOS / iPhone is leading the mobile application market because millions of people use these mobile devices and download their applications, since this way they are more interrelated with what interests them. . So having a mobile application for your business or company on your phone makes your business and anyone who has one of the devices (iPhone, Smart Phone, BlackBerry, Nokia, etc.) much more profitable. Using push notifications is a great tool if you want to send promotions, discounts, and specific information to your customers.

Many people wonder:

What are push notifications or push notifications?

Push notifications are a form of real-time interaction with your potential clients, they consist of sending an alert to each and every one of the users and/or clients who have downloaded your application; including phone vibration and ring function. This means that each user will receive a message that will attract their attention and the objective of sending them the information in a subtle and non-intrusive way will be met.

We can execute the development of your mobile application with the most current technologies such as application development with Objective/C, C#, Java, iPhone application development with the native iOS SDK, Cocos2D, Unity, Android application development hybrid.

For this reason, idooGROUP is a multidisciplinary team with experience in developing mobile applications for these platforms in Mexico. We have qualified and experienced staff.

The speed and flow of current business require technologies with which companies can supply all their data updating needs in real time with the development of mobile applications for iOS/iPhone in addition to allowing greater mobility and interaction possible in the company or with its clients.

This new technology in which we execute development for Android or Windows Phone , etc., responds to these needs in a very effective way as the ideal platforms that provide great and innumerable advantages within the administration, marketing, and advertising processes of a company.

Develop this new technology for your business or company in a very simple and economical way, contact us for more information.


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