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How much does mobile app development cost today?

What could the development of a Mobile Application cost?

Many people have the idea that the work of developing a Mobile Application is simple, but there is really a lot of effort, dedication, art and hours of sleep behind the Analysis, Design, Development and Implementation of a page, a web App, software or in this case In the case of a Mobile Application, I tell you that in order to understand what the development cost of a mobile application is, the first thing we must know is the programming cost.

The price of developing a mobile application depends on many factors and taking into account that the cost per hour of many jobs for Engineers and Graduates in the US and Latin America depending on the rank and position are around $35 and $180 dollars per hour, they are not the better paid salaries since there are cases where payments rise to $200 dollars per hour and those are big words.

But well, I won’t make the story too long and knowing the above, the hour of programming in the different regions costs from $40 to $160 dollars. Due to the experience we have had in the development of Mobile Applications as well as the research carried out, many times the people who hire you do not take into account that a development with quality and guarantees must have a great team at the base, to which pay just like any worker and the cost of developing a mobile application is not as cheap as developing a website, for example.

Many of us see the ease of investing little money in an application that really WILL NOT succeed, seeing it from the point of view of functionality or the most impressive thing in these times “the image”, there are many applications that only their image has made the owners millionaires or developers. The truth is that this is how it works and you always have to take into account the cost of developing a mobile application.

So we agreed that it is much better to invest in somewhat expensive applications but that we can really make our ROI considerably effective. We will present examples of this below so that you have an idea of ​​how much the Development of a Mobile Application can cost:

Ejemplo de App
App example

Twitterific 5 With a development cost of $200,000 to $250,000 dollars, it is one of the most used applications due to its interface and functionality in addition to the synchronizations it can make with the social network Twitter.

Costo de desarrollo de Twitterrific
Twitterrific development cost

The mega successful game Angry Birds had its development cost of 100,000 to 140,000 dollars, this incredible application managed to create, as many people will agree with me, “addiction” many cannot stop playing it since they simply love it, so much so that it managed to elevate Rovio’s income during 2011 was 75.4 million euros, of which 48 million euros were profits and they increased their workforce from 28 to 224 workers.

Costo de Angry Birds
Angry Birds Cost

By many, called the strongest image social network in terms of the number of users and the most used of these times, Instagram, its development cost was $450,000 to $500,000 dollars. Considering that after Instagram reaches the number of more than $50 million users;, the largest social network in history, buys this company for just over $1 billion dollars.

Costo de desarrollo de Instagram

Instagram development cost

The incredible game Real Racing 2 cost $2,000,000 to $2,500,000 to develop; say the creators of Flight Control and games like Puzzle Quest; In an interview with Alexandra Peters from Firemint commented: “I think that if you are going to make a game for iPhone and you want it to be a commercial success, you have to invest in it”, basically the investments in the development of an App as in the development of traditional video games for consoles.

Costo de desarrollo de Real Racing 2

Real Racing 2 Development Cost

The BBC News news portal cost more than $125,000 to develop. BBC News. A very large and robust system like this portal, taking into account the cost, the truth was not very high according to

Costo de desarrollo de BBC News App

BBC News App Development Cost

In 2011, an interview was conducted with the VP of Gameloft, the security of this giant developer commented that the development of mobile games is only in its beginnings and that in the future the investment and cost of developing a mobile application will be millionaire around 30 to 40 million dollars.

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