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The success of mobile applications

The desire to create friendly mobile phones, with the clear idea from another point of view that they were separate environments creating individual services, was the beginning of the first ideas for the development of mobile applications, a much more functional, tactile and abbreviated mobile environment. With a few clicks everything the user could do, maintaining creative and appropriate images so that large company clients could consume the content from their phone and thus the first mobile applications began to appear; in an environment that is not used today, since millions of users use the most recent versions of Smartphones with new and modern interface designs.

The desire to load websites and improve the performance of mobile phones, as was already happening with computers, was the beginning of many developments that in the long run have managed to bring out all the thousands of applications that can be worked with today and This way the development of mobile applications continues to grow.

There were several lawsuits between the company Apple and Samsung over the possibility and evidence of cloning that ended up making it impossible for both brands to get along in favor of technology since, as clear rivals, they ended up in court for copies of models with a strong sales output. in the market.

Some of the ideas for developing mobile applications that are currently most attractive for the little ones in the house have been game applications for all ages. Nowadays, children from the age of nine already mostly have the latest mobile phones. generation from which they spend hours talking with their friends or playing with their favorite applications; Among the most impressive applications on Android for children or people who love to have fun, the applications that deform faces stand out, from a Smartphone you can now see face effects with a very creative application full of possibilities to transform the appearance, with glasses, mustaches, eyebrows, facial deformations, a curious and friendly system that allows the little ones to be truly entertained while sharpening their ingenuity and learning to create.

Other of the most successful applications of 2013 that have been among the top 50 Android apps were directly related to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or forms of direct communication such as Skype or WhatsApp, apart from applications such as video games that are best known worldwide. Among which stand out Candy Crush Saga or the charming Pou application, for the most daring, the Plants vs Zombies application or Free Ninja also stood out among the maximum downloads.

In 2014, some of the successful applications are repeated as in past years, citing for example the YouTube app, applications to watch, free TV from your mobile, again social networks that increase their level of downloads every year and the consultation or download apps.

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In the case of WhatsApp, an application that has grown vertiginously in recent years would be this year and in the previous year at the intermediate point between the top 50 successful applications, this type of app is used today as applications for companies and especially for individual users, with users who reach very different ages for its use and its value is based on the millions of active users who use said app.

The development of mobile applications for companies has generated a greater number of sales and the possibility of making online businesses work even with better results than physical businesses. Today, online commerce is one of the systems that generates a greater number of sales worldwide to small and large businesses, business applications most of the time link directly to the company’s website.

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